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DS Jason Smith

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith is an Australian working in York. He was exiled to York when he was 16 after his sister disappeared from a beach in Western Australia. Halfway through a law degree, something happened that made Smith realise he was better suited to catching criminals than defending them …

DC Harriet Taylor

Detective Constable Harriet Taylor is a Scot working in the peaceful town of Trotterdown in Cornwall. A scandal in her home town of Edinburgh brought her to the south-west of England.

Her past still haunts her, however and the only way to erase the memories is through sleeping pills …

The Enigma

The new DS Jason Smith & DC Harriet Taylor Thriller

From #1 best-selling author: Stewart Giles comes a new detective series featuring the detectives from both the series’ we know and love.

In Trotterdown, Cornwall a boat, The Enigma washes in to the harbour. The skipper is dead, and Harriet Taylor is brought in to investigate.  But 1 dead body is not the only crime the team have to deal with.

Meanwhile, further up the coast in Whitby a boat washes up on the rocks just outside the harbour. Everyone on board is dead.  Whitby Police are out of their depth, so DS Jason Smith is called in to help.

It soon becomes clear the cases are connected and the teams from York and Trotterdown settle down to work with each other.

This is a unique story with twist, turns and shocks all the way through making it an adrenaline pumping read you will not be able to put down.

The Backpacker

DC Harriet Taylor #3


A girl’s body is found hidden in a remote spot of a Cornish Farm. The same farm that a young girl ran towards to escape her pursuer many years before.  Detective Harriet Taylor has to abandon her day out to investigate.

As Littlemore and the forensics team get to work they uncover another mystery hidden among the rocks.

Who would kill a young backpacker who hurt nobody?  Is there a link between this and a mystery from many years ago?

As Harriet and the team get to work they find more questions than answers.  What secrets is the sleepy Cornish village hiding?

This is a fast-paced page-turner that has so many twists and turns it keeps the reader guessing right up to the shocking end.

If you like Police Procedurals, then this is a series you won’t want to miss

Read the preview of the new DC Taylor novel – The Backpacker


The new chilling DS Jason Smith Thriller

DS Jason Smith is dragged away from paternity leave when a woman is killed with her baby in the next room. When more women with children are brutally murdered, Smith discovers that they all have something in common – they all share a secret. When he finds out that the mother of his own child is on this list of ‘Unworthy’ women, he finds himself in a race against time to stop the killer before his whole world comes crashing down around him.

The Perfect Murder

DC Harriet Taylor #2

Two cats are found mutilated in the same town. Detective Harriet Taylor is reluctant to investigate, but then one of their owners is killed a bizarre way that same day.

Harriet and the team step in. The dead woman has four words written on her neck — four very ambiguous words.


One draining murder investigation after another has left DS Jason on the brink of losing his sanity and he needs a break. A string of armed robberies at the McDonalds in the city of York are getting in the way. Smith’s DI makes him a deal; if he can get to the bottom of it, he can have two weeks off. Smith figures out who the brains behind the robberies is …


When a man is found tucked up in bed with his throat sliced open two days after Christmas, DS Jason Smith and his team are baffled. It appears he has been drugged, killed and carefully wrapped up in a duvet. The only evidence Smith finds are some strands of hair belonging to a woman. One month later, another man is killed in exactly the same manner …

The Beekeeper

Alice Green is a beekeeper in the small Cornish village of Polgarrow. She lives with her pet jackdaw in a beautiful cottage not far from the sea. One evening, Alice finds something strange under the hollyhock bush in her garden. The gruesome discovery will change everyone’s lives. And then Alice’s best friend Milly disappears . . .

The Perfect Murder

Two cats are found mutilated in the same town. Detective Harriet Taylor is reluctant to investigate, but then one of their owners is killed a bizarre way that same day.
Harriet and the team step in. The dead woman has four words written on her neck — four very ambiguous words.

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“Stewart Giles does it again”

“Once again, Stewart Giles delivers an instantly gripping read right from the word go. The DS Smith series is absolutely awesome, with horseman being the best one yet, can’t wait for the new one. If you like gritty detective dramas with twists that keep you guessing till the end, the DS Smith series should definitely be in your library. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is the next big drama on TV.”

LastManStanding, 15/01/2018

“Great follow up to

The Beekeeper”

“I’m a great fan of the Jason Smith novels so I looked forward to a new character – Harriet Taylor doesn’t disappoint. The plot was well thought out, characters are developing nicely & it’s easy to imagine the next installment.”

Pat McCulloch, 20/05/2017


Author of the DS Jason Smith & DC Harriet Taylor series of novels.